Family Run

Dámaso Martínez founded this family-run, jewel design and manufacturing firm in 1970. Since then, we have been creating the most exquisite pieces of jewellery. We combine a hint of classicism with our know how and top quality craftsmanship with the ability to keep up with the continuous changes in the fashion world.

We have a range of pieces going from the most easy wearing, casual jewellery for everyday use to the most spectacular sparkling and important piece to wear in special occasions and be the center of attention.

All of this couldn´t be possible without our close knitted team, that work side by side to make all of it work.

Artisan origins

At Damaso we remain close to the brand original spirit and values: quality and distinction. We design and make each collection with the same passion as the first day. Our master artisans' knowledge transmitted by generations is our most precious legacy.

"At Dámaso we return to the artisan origins of fine jewellery with each design. Unique creations the fruit of the family's talent and a team that are in love with their craft."

Mónica Martinez

Creative Director



Our collections are unique and exceptional. Conceived by Dámaso Jewelers and lovingly crafted by the virtuoso hands of master jewelers in our workshops. Exquisite and original, with surprising inspiration, they fascinate with their cutting edge designs.


In our workshops, we return to the origins of fine jewellery with fine craftsmanship entrenched in the strength of creative talent with a passion for meticulous work. Jewels that are the fruit of the family's craft and a team that are in love with jewellery.

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