Since 1970, Damaso creates exclusive fine jewellery. Innovative and distinguished jewels designed for modern, strong and sophisticated women to shine in their day-to-day lives as well as in their most special occasions.

All this project would not be possible without the passion and dedication that all the Damaso team puts into our work.



Damaso firm was created by Damaso Martínez and his wife Consuelo González. He was a jewellery representative and passionate about the sector. After a few years of hard work, which provided him with a deep knowledge of the sector, he decided to bet on this great adventure by founding the firm Damaso in the “Casco Viejo”, in the heart of Bilbao.

The 80´s

The firm was growing due to its participation in the Madrid and Barcelona´s jewellery shows. This was a big step for the firm, which went from being a local firm to be consolidated nationally.




Damaso firm made the great leap to the international market, exposing its pieces at the most important jewellery fair of the moment: Basel, Switzerland. This would be the first step of a long journey through the international market.


The firm moves to its current offices and opens its own boutique in Maria Diaz de Haro Street, Bilbao.


Damaso is currently present in Jewelry stores on 5 continents around the world and continues participating actively in the most important international Jewelry fairs in the world.


In Damaso each piece is designed by Monica Martinez, who assumes the management and creative direction of the firm, and who with the rest of the family has continued the legacy of her parents inheriting this great passion for the world of jewellery.


At Damaso we return to the artisan origins of fine jewellery with each design. Unique creations the fruit of the family's talent and a team that are in love with their craft. Our biggest bet is quality and innovation. In Damaso we design jewellery for all tastes and events. We blend the design and the combination of pieces so they can be worn on special occasions as well as on day-to-day basis. The important thing is that our customers feel comfortable with our jewels to complete their look as they get ready to go to the office or to a cocktail party. Our jewels are not museum pieces, but the perfect complement to shine every day.


"At Damaso we return to the artisan origins of fine jewellery with each design. Unique creations the fruit of the family's talent and a team that are in love with their craft."

Mónica Martinez

Creative Director



In our workshops, we return to the origins of fine jewellery with fine craftsmanship entrenched in the strength of creative talent with a passion for meticulous work. Our master artisans' knowledge transmitted by generations is our most precious legacy. It is in our know-how where the soul of the firm lies. From the first sketch to the creation of the first prototype, each part of the manufacturing process is essential to create unique jewels.


Exceptional diamonds

We use beautiful diamonds to give our jewellery its unique and exceptional character. Combinations of different shapes and colours that do not go unnoticed in our creations.

Plenty of colour

We bring precious stones from the most exotic places of the world to give our jewels its uniqueness and originality. High quality gems that give a touch of colour to your best looks.

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